• Dorcas Walker

Conquering Quarantine #8 & #9: Writing letters &. Taking an Adventure

With emails and text messaging, people don't actually write letters like they used to. That's kind of dying art and you can be the person to bring it back. Now, what I like about letter writing is there are all kinds of fancy paper and pens that you can use...you can just get lost in all the options. The point is to write a letter from the heart. Communicate with that person about a story you never shared with them or maybe an experience you both had together. There are so many things that you can write in a letter.

You can write it on old fashioned paper

You can use a calligraphy pen... a ballpoint pen, the options are endless! If you want to get really fancy with it, you can even write letters and create your own envelopes.

Another idea is going out on an adventure. It doesn't require a lot of things in planning and preparation. If traveling is too much, you can just explore your backyard or neighborhood. If you're feeling adventurous, pack up a backpack, get in your car and go to the nearest hiking spot. The point of it is that you are getting out of your four walls. Yes, you are staying quarantine and yes, you want to honor social distancing, but you want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. By being outside, in the fresh air, being around the trees, hearing the birds, all those things, give a certain level of peace and serenity to your life. You don't have to be around a lot of people if you don't want to be, but you get the opportunity to be reminded of the beauty that is around you. I have a friend that her family goes out for walks and they pick up rocks. They then paint the rocks and save them because it's a reminder of the adventure that they had together as a family. So I encourage you to get out of the house, go somewhere fun and explore.

Just because you're in quarantine doesn't mean you don't take time to care for yourself or assist in helping people.

Do something a little different than you normally do

I encourage you to writing letters and going out on an adventure. God has been inspiring me in a lot of different ways, and I cannot wait to share with you the content the Lord has been giving me.

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For now, be blessed and be a blessing.

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