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Healing through Journaling

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Journaling is one of the first things I ask my clients to regularly practice. For many of my clients, it's part of our sessions where we discuss their journal entries. So I wanted to circle back and talk about just journaling.

Start journaling regularly.

Journaling is something that I personally enjoy. As I've said earlier, I encourage my clients to do journaling is a way of taking all the feelings that you have on the inside. All the thoughts that you have on the inside and allowing yourself to face those feelings and thoughts in reality. Let me elaborate. I know a lot of people, myself included who have a hard time with self-esteem, and it's hard to see yourself from any positive perspective. Mainly it's because you've been listening to your head talk (gremlin). It can be really challenging to overcome negative thoughts. If you do not take the time to face them and source where they come from, you will never overcome them. Facing them diminishes their power! I have struggled for years thinking negative thoughts about myself. The only way I was able to overcome was by listening to my coach and start regularly journal.

I teach my clients the basics when it comes to journaling. They start every journal session started off with the top corner of me putting the date. I teach them to write down whatever thoughts came to mind for roughly about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, I encourage them to take a few moments and read what they wrote. Then take what was written into prayer. Pray about the current perspective and ask God to help them gain God’s perspective. God has a better vision and a better viewpoint. As you change your viewpoint, you become stronger, have long-lasting change, and permanent perspective shift. For a journal entry inspiration, journal about how you are feeling through a pandemic.

God has a better vision and a better viewpoint.

I want you to do this every day. Yes. Every day, because journaling is a process that becomes more effective the more you do it. Remember you are building a firm foundation, that is strong enough. Jesus talked about building on a firm foundation, not on sand because it's just going to get loose and it's going to break apart. Journaling helps you to build a strong foundation and also helps remind you that there is a God bigger and greater that can help you conquer all of those issues that you wrote down. So do it every day.

If journaling is something that you need help with or you're struggling, or maybe you just need a little bit of encouragement to get started, contact me, I would love to help you.

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For now, be blessed and be a blessing.

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