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Grow your roots

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I was having a coaching session with a client, and we were talking about the growth within her business and how it was just prolonged. She was just really frustrated. I liked that she and I had this conversation; it allowed me to think about one of the reasons this company is called Seed to Tree Coaching.

Whenever you watch the germination of a seed, it starts all under the ground. Above the ground, it looks like nothing is happening. It seems like there is no life; however, the seed underneath is being watered and nourished by the soil and is starting to become strong.

Healthy roots make a tree stand firm.

In time, the seed will take off its outside husk and allow roots to grow; eventually, the plant will push itself through the top of the soil. It takes a couple of weeks to months for various seeds but what matters is that they will go through the earth to the top. Just like a seed under the ground looks like nothing is happening, your business growth can look similar. You may find yourself in a new season right now, where you are trying to develop a better habit, change goals, or bring in a new resolution. You may feel very frustrated like you're failing the process because you don't see any growth. I want to encourage you. Just because you can’t see the growth above the ground doesn't mean there isn't growth. For trees to be strong and healthy, the first thing it needs to do is grow strong roots. Without having those healthy roots, the tree cannot stand firm enough to withstand the years to come. If you want to take shortcuts, you can permanently eliminate the opportunity to grow the roots, but I guarantee you that your tree will not stand as strong...develop the patience to allow the roots to grow first.

Grow your seeds, allow them to sprout above the ground, before you know it you will be in full bloom..that will last for years to come. Allow your seed to grow strong to stand the test of time.

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For now, be blessed and be a blessing.

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