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Faith over Fear

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Every time I go to the stores, I see empty shelves and long lines. New social norms like standing in line behind somebody 6 feet distance. It's allowing me to make peace in the word of God and how God doesn't change even if circumstances do. I want to give you scriptures to encourage you scriptures, bring you hope, and remind you that everything is in God's hands. This is not a surprise to God.

I'm praying for the nursing staff, the doctors, the scientists, the ones that work in the grocery stores, and the ones that work at the fast-food locations; this is a time for prayer. This is not a time for fear, worry, and panic. It is time for prayer. We have to rely on God's word because that is the word of truth. If you believe the scientists, Jesus, you are a believer of God and God's word.

Jesus died on the cross for you, and everything will come into the plan that God had orchestrated long before we even knew about any of this stuff. I pray that you are safe. I pray that you're using caution. I pray that you have all that you need.

Seek God during this time. One of the things I would encourage you to do is journaling. Everything that you're experiencing, that you're feeling, the story that you hear, journal because there will come a time when the season is over that you will look back on the person you were during this time and reflect. If you're not a fan of journaling, I understand many people don't like to do it, but when coaching clients, I always tell them to have a journal handy. They keep track of the information we talk about during our sessions and see how much they have grown. When things just feel stagnant and dreary, it is an excellent opportunity to journal your thoughts and feelings because this will pass.

Is God speaking to you?

God's peace

I pray that you are safe, that you're using caution. I pray that the land would be healed, and I pray that while we go through this situation and instead it peaked her, not that you will remain in perfect peace. God's peace. I love you all.

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For now, be blessed and be a blessing.

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