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Conquering Quarantine #4: Online learning

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Gain a new skill with online learning.

Traditional education facilities have upped their game to allow people to do learning online. Many of them are giving their services for free to give you a taste of what kind of skills you can learn at the facility.

Taking the opportunity to learn a new skill can help you, not just right now but possibly in the workforce. Many jobs require specific skills, and if you take these online learning courses, you can get certifications that open opportunities for you. With COVID, many businesses are hiring home-based employees. So you can work at home with these specific skills and get paid by top companies.

One of the education services that I recommend is, Udemy. You get skilled professional individuals teaching you. The cost of these courses is very affordable.

Want to learn a language? Some affordable options like Babble and Duolingo. The price for these services is pretty low, and it gives you a wide variety of languages that you can study. There's a sizeable deaf community near you? Many of the people in the hearing community don't know how to connect with the deaf community. Another language option is ASL, American sign language. Learning ASL will allow you to learn a language and learn the culture of the deaf community. There are many resources to learn ASL, but the one, that I recommend, simply because of how he teaches is Dr. Bill Vicars. You can find him on YouTube.

Skills you can master

How about turning a hobby into a business? Understand the craft, learn it, and become a master of it. Once you become a master, you can turn it into a business.

A word to the wise before you put any money down on any education service or program, make sure that they are credible. I'm referring to things that request cash. See if there's a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the service. Make sure that you are careful with whom you give your money and be budget-friendly.

One of the things I learned with coaching clients is that people often get excited about starting something but have a hard time finishing it. If you're going to start any program, I will encourage you to go ahead and be committed to the process from start to finish.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

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