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Conquering Quarantine #3: Reading

Yes, reading! I don't know about you, but I absolutely love a really good book. One of the best benefits of reading a nonfiction book is it's going to provide you an escape to a new education on a variety of topics. Reading books that cause you to really explore the thought process. Your able to change your thinking or reframe the way you think because you've read that particular book. These books help motivate you to see the world around you.

Inspiring you to do something different

How about books that up your skills? Books that teach you a specific craft or teach you ideas on how to refine that craft. Some people like to knit, or they like to work with wood, or home improvement. You can get these books and they can be a guide in becoming strong in that particular craft.

I like crafting.

I enjoy finding new ways of crafting old junk and turning into something glamorous. If there's any hobby that you've been thinking about trying or exploring, find a book to help teach you how to do it.

Why not get a book that helps enhance their knowledge of exercise? If you don't have a lot of knowledge, this is a great opportunity for you to get more knowledge that can help you enhance your education on health.

What about books that build your confidence? There are a lot of books out there that help you with self-help items so that you can grow stronger in your thinking.

Lastly, I would recommend that you look up books about people that have inspired you. Is there somebody, or even maybe some period of time that has been an inspiration for you? This would be a great opportunity to read about those people. It will enhance your historical knowledge and give you a little better connection of the person(s) you admire.

I would recommend Napoleon Hill books, they can change your thinking and perspective. If you're looking for a better resource on how the brain works, I would recommend reading a book by Dr. Carolyn Leaf. If you're looking for fantasy books, Dr. Carolyn Leaf. I also like cooking books mainly because of the pictures of food...it makes me wanna eat every pic….lol.

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Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

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