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What has Seed to Tree Coaching has done for me?

Before, it’s like you have a seed that you’re holding onto and saying, “It’s mine.” But the seed wasn’t meant to stay with you; it’s meant to go in the ground. I was hoarding my seed until I met Coach Dorcas. She coached me to plant my seed, and she and I watered it together.

Little by little, it began to sprout.


Some hard labor went into some of the tasks that lay before me. But little by little, it sprouted, and now those branches have fruit. So you will go from hoarding to releasing it, helping it grow by doing the tasks she gives you and eventually bearing fruit in an area of your life that didn’t have a life before.

Before you know it, you have a tree of accomplishments/victories.

That’s what Seed to Tree Coaching has done for me.

~I will always love Coach D

Amy Z./Retail Management

When I met Dorcas, I was unemployed for almost two years with low confidence and no growth. After, I feel more self-confident about my endeavors as a professional and an entrepreneur.

Our sessions were many gains for me, like focusing on my time management, differentiating personal and business goals, conflict resolution, and looking for business opportunities. My income opportunities have grown. My confidence has grown. My outlook on life is now more forward-thinking and focused. She helps you through your struggles and makes sure that you look at the big picture.

Dorcas’ coaching methods are not only productive but super-charged with passion and compassion.

"Ready to grow you and your business?

Dorcas is the right coach to help you!

She is professional and ethical." 

Coach Dorcas is passionate about helping others reach their dreams.

She is insightful and coaches from her heart.

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