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I help Christian women leaders stop people-pleasing so they can lead and serve God's people, omitting stress, burnout, and bitterness using the R.E.S.T. system.

Image by Simon Wilkes


Confident Woman

Amy, Senior Management

I was hoarding my seed until I met Coach Dorcas. She coached me to plant my seed, and she and I watered it together. So you will go from hoarding to releasing it.

Before you know it you have a tree of accomplishments/victories.


Will, Restaurant Management

My income opportunities have grown. My confidence has grown. My outlook on life is now more forward-thinking and focused. Dorcas’ coaching methods are not only productive but super-charged with passion and compassion.

Melissa, CEO & President

Dorcas is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential in the achievement of their goals. Her multidimensional training leads her clients to new levels of success in both their careers and in life.

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