Christian Coaching 


My Name is Dorcas

I'm so glad you’re here!


I believe you're here because you have decided you want something

a little different in your life.

Trust me I get different,

My name is Dorcas…that makes me unique.

Your successful life

Do you desire Clarity in

Life Choices?

Financial Choices?

Business Choices?

I desire fulfillment for you.

To see you living your full purpose.


Can you imagine that? your full purpose...

Clarity starts when you become

clear on YOUR purpose. 

Right now,

Are you living a life of purpose?


Serving you

so you can live a fulfilled life. 

Seed to Tree Coaching

Have you gone through a really tough year? Do you find yourself evaluating how you can prosper? Do you desire to be your best self, but lack faith to hope?

If you find yourself evaluating questions like these, I would like to invite you to a different perspective. Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on your life's possibilities and join us for a 45 minute webinar to discover what you can do today to begin rejuvenating your life.

Join us on our monthly Webinar  for a time of

connection, exploring, and restoration.

April Date TBA 

Growing You

What is keeping you from thriving? Start identifying what interferes with your confidence. Obtain clarity on your uniqueness and how it can help you surpass personal go...
One on One Coaching
1 hr
6 sessions

Seeds of Good Deeds become the Tree of Life...

Proverbs 11:30